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 What to Wear:

Don’t be tempted to put everyone in the same color tops and bottoms.  Think coordinating, not matching.  If you take some time to prep, you can have coordinating outfits that look natural, not like uniforms.  When picking outfits for your photo shoot our biggest rule is keep it simple. 


  • Choose coordinating colors and pick colors that are flattering to your skin tone.  Also, if you are wanting a family picture on your wall & you have certain colors from your home you want tied into your picture, this is a great time to do so.
  • Solid colors with little to no pattern.
  • Dress for the season.
  • Wear shoes that are in good condition, neutral and fit your outfit. 
  • Simple accessories that do not overtake your look. 
  • Wear what you think you look good in and feel good in.  The way you feel about yourself is important and will be reflected in your images.  This goes for kids too.  If they aren’t comfortable or don’t like what they are wearing they won’t be happy and it will show!


  • Try to avoid horizontal lines and busy patterns that overtake and would become a focus point.  You don’t want any particular person to stand out more than another.
  • Women should stay away from A line tops and empire waist clothing.  This tends to make women look bigger than they really are. 
  • Avoid cap sleeves.  Wear normal sleeves.
  • Avoid shirts with logos, lettering or graphics.
  • Make sure that your clothing isn’t too tight
  • Wearing shirts with logos or slogans can distract from the focus of your face. 
  • Avoid dominant colors such as red, bright yellow, orange or hot pink as main colors
  • We recommend not wearing turtle necks as it shortens the neck.  If you wear a button down shirt, make sure that you don’t button it all the way to the top.  
  • White socks and shoes stick out, avoid them
  • Avoid tennis/athletic shoes if possible
  • Avoid different styles or looks in your group picture

You can always search online for “what to wear to a photo session” and check out the images.  There are some great examples!

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